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My time and talent to photograph the subject. This includes coordinating any necessary backgrounds and physical supports required for the shoot.

My time and talent for photographing any additional elements required for the image, for example backgrounds (hills, fields, skies), props, textures, etc.

My time and talent to composite the image in Photoshop, to create a single piece of art.

Finished pieces are handcrafted and limited only by your imagination, and are priced separately, on application.

A Bear & Bird commission is a one of a kind piece of art, that is unique to you.

A commission includes:

Pre-shoot consultation (as many as we need) to discuss ideas and concepts, and to interview little ones to understand where their fantasy place is. We also discuss the location of the final piece, and whether there are any colour themes to consider.

Sourcing of props, clothing and other relevant elements (up to a budget of $100).